Tip of the Season: A Tip of the Hat to David Russell

I am introducing a new feature on this blog called “Tip of the Season” where, every three months, I will post about something I think might be helpful for classical guitarists. Advice will range from technique to musicality and from the practical to the philosophical. While this advice will be directed towards guitarists, my hope is that anyone will be able to glean something from it. I took this “Tip of the Season” idea directly from my favorite classical guitarist, David Russell, who used to have an identical feature on his website.  It is because of David Russell’s “Tip of the Season” that I now always carry a hair comb with me in my guitar case.  “You never know when you might be asked to play a concert!”  I’ve never used the comb, but the comb reminds me of David Russell’s practicality, musicianship, and generosity.

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