Spring UT Informal Class


I will be teaching the UT Informal Class, “The Classical Guitar:  Its Music, History, and Culture,” again this March and April!

The class will meet once a week for four weeks and cover the history of guitar making, the stylistic characteristics of different eras of guitar music from 1600 to the present, and the current exponential growth in classical guitar events and education.  Last year, I brought in a renaissance lute and my cedar and spruce topped guitars to show the class, and I plan to do the same this year.  I will also perform pieces during the class to demonstrate the stylistic characteristics of music from different eras of history.  The students last year had many questions about the classical guitar and its music, and I enjoyed answering and exploring those questions.  We also attended a concert by French virtuoso Judicael Perroy at the Cactus Café and discussed this concert at the following class.

Below is a link to the class listing on UT Informal Classes’ website.  I’d love to share my working knowledge of the classical guitar with you this spring!




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